Bury This With Me

Weird Al
Weird Al

The first concert I ever went to was Weird Al and I actually got to meet him (I was nine years old, I think). This is something I will treasure forever. SPATULA CITY FOR LIFE. #DaretoBeStupidandWeird


Joe Cocozzello (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Joe Cocozzello (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)
Victor Varnado (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Victor Varnado (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)
Sean O'Connor (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Sean O’Connor (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)
Brent Sullivan (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Brent Sullivan (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)
Julian McCullough (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Julian McCullough (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)
Aparna Nancherla (performing at 'Something Awesome')
Aparna Nancherla (performing at ‘Something Awesome’)