I know this transmission is 10,000 lightyears late but Earth wasn’t exactly as our slideshows and Plasmapoint presentations had anticipated. I ingested thirteen Truth Capsules before sending this detailed manifesto, so there will be no omissions.

Honesty is the first protocol: I am deeply ashamed to admit that I got caught up for over a decade in what the Humanoids deemed the “Flapper” movement. I lost site again of my mission with the advent of what they call a “pinball machine.” FLASHING LIGHTS! BRIGHT SOUNDS! What they called a “Judge Dredd” THEME!!! The mere thought of getting a high-score still makes three of my tongues salivate… then, finally in their “1990’s” I couldn’t stop watching what they kept repeating was “Must See TV” (I thought it was a command!). I apologize and I know that the Council will have their way with me when I return. In my defense, their slang and brightly colored vests have left me even more stupefied than Dr. Xlargb’s most advanced projections could have foreseen.

Back to the report: Even now in their year “2011” the technology they possess is subpar to ours but they have a secret weapon none of us could have seen coming, a type of all-engulfing lethargy machine installed in their mind-vaults at an early age. They secrete it and utilize it in many ways: through their Big Magic boxes (Television sets), their Regular Magic Boxes (Computers), or their Miniature Magic Boxes (iPhones) which they seem to care more for than most of their small children.

Instead of focusing on how to move forward and advance as a civilization they play word games and worship false idols such as ‘The Snooki’ or ‘The Bieber’ or ‘That One Guy Who Does That One Thing With the Other Thing.” My only fear is that if we try to engage in a rational dialogue, three of our five brains will instantaneously melt and we will happily spend the rest of our lives watching something they call the C4 Network.

This message contains all the vitals that you and the Grand Council of Sleubbe have requested. I have broken them down into three categories: COMBAT READINESS, AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE, and WORK-OUT TAPES.


By my calculations Earth will have over 15 billion people by the time of the planned arrival. Though the Humans possess firepower that is equal if not more advanced then ours, there are more pressing issues.

First, in the landmass they call “America” there are a breed of nihilistic individuals who are bent on the destruction of anything they fear. They are destroying the Earth planet’s resources and sowing discontent and fear of their fellow man and woman at an astounding rate.

They go by the moniker of “Republicans.” They are easily identified: they are all old, white or bright orange with terrible headhelmets (what the Earth people call “haircuts”). They have no sense of decency. I’ve seen with my own fourteen eyes a man they deemed the “Below” or “Vice” President shoot HIS VERY OWN FRIEND IN THE FACE. Even with my sixty tentacles I find the very thought almost impossible to grasp.

My only concern is that this group will destroy Earth and all of it’s natural resources before the first Starships have arrived.

The good news is that these same people have armed other countries with the same weapons, so the best case scenario is they will destroy all humankind but leave the Earth itself untouched. That way, we will hopefully still have access to all their wind power, precious elements, and Water Parks.


The average human is surprisingly smart at an early age. They have a firm grasp on all the possibilities that life has to offer them. The younger the specimen the brighter they seem to be. With the invention of the Magic Box (television) human society had a chance to show their future leaders what was possible with programs and instructional videos with educational themes. However, it seems that society opted instead to broadcast digital bile that has brainwashed and all but killed the imaginations of entire generations.

This can be a great boon to us for a completely non-hostile takeover! We simply need to construct the world’s largest reality show called THE HUMAN ZOO. We will have all the humans enter a giant gated community with promises of fame, fortune, and brand new Chevy Malibus, then simply throw away the key. Mission accomplished with no use of our laser-face melters!


I have studied every aspect of this and have come to one conclusion. The one they call Jane Fonda has mastered this avenue. We will make her The Emperor’s Queen and finally tighten up our glutes and 38-packs (Be advised however, she will make us do charity work). Make sure to bring all the Spandex that you can find!

In conclusion, unless the Earth society enters a new age of Enlightenment this planet is still ripe for the picking. I just ate two dogs and bought the Ke$ha album. Sorry… the Truth Capsules are still in effect.