We’re All Gonna Die Tonight!

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE TONIGHT!” is a once-a-month comedy showcase hosted by Sam Grittner

The first Friday of every month, comedian Sam Grittner assembles a Voltron of New York’s funniest comics to perform their very best material. Show starts promptly at 9:30PM, tickets are only $10, and you can bring as many bees as you want.

WAGDT! is currently on hiatus but will return soon-ish

Sam Grittner

Aparna Nancherla
John Early
Lane Moore
Mike Drucker
Abbi Crutchfield
Bowen Yang
Myka Fox
Anna Drezen
River Clegg
Alyssa Limperis
Rebecca Rush
Victor Varnado
Hannah Boone
Janelle James
Claudia Cogan
Dan Wilbur
Sharron Paul
Patrick Holbert
Chloe McGovern
Merrill Davis
Sean Crespo
Sam Escobar
Mike Brown
Sue Smith
May Wilkerson
Anita Flores
Luke Thayer
Andrea Ilene-Shapiro
Max Ash
Kerryn Feehan
Will Miles
Jim Tews
Selena Coppock
Josh Comers
Liz McGee
George Gordan
Liam McEneaney
Jasmine Pierce
Sam Reid
Matt Schwartzer
Nick Turner
Maria Heinagg
Nore Davis
Giulia Rozzi
Brandon Scott Wolf
Lynn Bixenspan
Patrick Monahan
Livia Scott
Joel Kim Booster
Sage Boggs