At the beginning of November, my friend Mo Fathelbab, who I met years ago at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater, and I met up for coffee. When he sat down, he had a proposal. Would I like a residency at his new show MANIFESTO! at the People’s Republic of Brooklyn? It would be a serious commitment. I had to promise to bring consistently new material every week AND it had to be good. He didn’t say it but I knew that was the expectation. I started performing stand-up comedy when still in High School but over the years my mind wandered and I tried other things, and I never really gave it my all. Time goes by and you watch your friends pass you by and that’s all well and good, you’re happy for them but then people that aren’t funnier than you pass you by. What happened? Steve just shows napkins of dicks to people and he’s on TV? I spent a lot of time blaming everyone but me: “It was their fault they tried so hard! People should just notice me for who I am, watching LOST for the 100th time on Netflix and thinking about how I should be doing comedy. I SHOULD BE FAMOUS AND- Ooh! Smoke monster!”

What kind of stuck up asshole thinks such deluded bullshit? Well, I did. Now I’ve wiped away all the ego I had and threw it in a blender. I buried the blender in Albuquerque and haven’t looked back since. All this is to say, I’m ready. I know, I’m made a million announcements, announcements about announcements, promises after promises. I understand if you have absolutely no expectations of me. I am genuinely excited to show you what I’m made of, as a comic voice that’s been incubating for over a decade. It’s going to take a year but with the help of my friends and the amazing, inviting new scene I’ve discovered, I will record and release my first comedy album.

The show is MANIFESTO! and it’s hosted by Tim Ellis and Mo Fathelbab. It’s a showcase show EVERY Tuesday (with the exception of November 26th) at the PEOPLE’s REPUBLIC OF BROOLKYN (Smith and Wyckoff) at 8PM, SHARP! FREE!

I have the privilege of going on at or towards the end though I will be headlining certain nights, the first of which is New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2013. \(MORE INFO TO COME ABOUT NYE SHOW)

Details about all the other upcoming shows will be posted in the SCHEDULE section.

A million thanks to Al Long, Charlie Sanders, and Mo Fathelbab and everyone else who has stuck by me through the years and continues to believe in me.

Start marking your calendar! It’s a great line-up every week and you can watch my comedy process evolve in real time, if you so choose.

Have a terrific day, you smell great!