This week I got to talk to Randi Lawson, a young lady that is uber-talented at many things: writing, graphic design, stand-up, acting, Vining, etc. She made the badass logo in the corner of my website a couple months back and I was going to give her a shout-out but when I went to her page on Twitter I couldn’t believe how funny she was. We got to meet a couple weeks ago and I’m pleased to announce she is a sweetheart in real life and I am very excited to see where she goes next. Put on your salsa slippers, let’s dance!

Randi Lawson


HIYA! What’s your name and where do you hang your hat? 

Randi Lawson. Philadelphia, PA

How long have you been doing comedy?

Back in the day, waaay before YouTube I wrote for and was a regular on two popular closed-circuit TV shows at American University. First was a comedy news program (like The Daily Show) and the other was a sketch show. After college I narrowed my focus and pursued a career in graphic design. I’ve been doing “funny” graphic design (tees, games & barware for stores like Spencer’s & Urban Outfitters) for a very cool company called ICUP Inc. for almost a decade now. But I have only been back to working on “comedy” as in stand-up, writing and social media for under a year.

What planet can go suck it?

Mars ’cause it is so close yet so far away. Either back the fuck up Mars or hang out where we can reach ya, ya know?! Jeeez!

What do you think of TWITTER.COM?

Well, people just buy junk at Spencer’s they think is hilarious, but they never know who came up with the joke. My designs have made people laugh in stores, TV and movies, but no one has any idea they came from me. I’ve never done it for the validation or anything, it’s just that on twitter I feel like I am truly representing myself and my sense of humor for the first time. I don’t have to consider the opinion of a customer. It is the most amazing feeling to have the freedom to put my jokes out into the world. Plus I LOVE reading jokes. It inspires me. And I have connected with so many hilarious and super-cool people.
You have three wishes… what are the last two?

An orgy with all 3 Culkins, Fred Savage, Jason Schwartzman, Scott McMicken from Dr. Dog and my twitter crush (he knows who he is ;). And… a life-time supply of Coke Zero.

Who’s you favorite comedian right now?

Doug Benson is my all-time favorite comedian. He is very clever and silly while always keeping his finger on the pulse of pop culture. Plus, I’ve never been a fan mean-spirited comedy. Doug’s extraordinary wit has a light-hearted sweetness that I love. I listen to podcasts all day and his (Doug Loves Movies) is one of my favorites.

What magazine would you like to see published?

Hairless Cat Fancy. I have 2 hairless cats and those little weirdos are a true joy in my life. Check me out on Instagram or Vine if you want to see the little freaks.

If you could go fishing with ANY celebrity, what lake would you go to?

Lake Bell

What’s the worst part about comedy?

When people are cruel to others for a laugh.

What mineral or fruit do you despise and why?

I HATE mushrooms (is that a mineral or fruit?). Well, either way they are like ears and are gross.

What’s the best part about comedy?

I love to laugh and I love when people really make me think. Comedy does both. Simple as it sounds, it’s just fucking true.

What are the five topics you tweet about the most?

My favorite jokes to tweet are these silly scenarios I make up where I pretend to have sexual affairs with celebrities. I also love making pop culture references; especially 80’s and 90’s nostalgia. Plays on words and puns are very fun jokes to write. Topical stuff is great too. I’ll challenge myself on a topic. I’ll write a bunch of jokes on something topical and then tweet my favorite.

How often do you tweet?

Two a day is probably my average give or take.

Will you photoshop me fighting a cat in a forest of lasers?

Yes, that’ll be $80,000.

What do you wish more people would joke about?


How often do you eat breakfast?

Every morning. I am honestly a very health conscious person, so I like to start my day with a light, nutritious breakfast. I also do a shot of orange juice right after I brush my teeth – ya know, just to keep myself in check.

Do you have any advice for people, just in general?

Yes. It sounds so cheesy, but any success I’ve had in design or comedy has come from being a super-hard worker, practicing my craft constantly and being as nice & grateful as I can be to everyone I encounter. Even if those things don’t lead you to your own successes, they certainly can’t hurt.

Follow Randi on Twitter @RandiLawson and make sure to check out her website. She also takes great pictures on The Instagram and make Vines that make me laugh every time. Check out all her talents!