• Redundant Echo and the Civilized Spoons
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Dick Patrol
  • The Loners
  • The Bachelors
  • Monkey See, Monkey Don’t
  • The Incredible Fucks
  • Monday But Not
  • Frozen Pizza and the Oven Mitts
  • Jeb and his Car Keys
  • Sturflakkkarnardarhhardgggs
  • Elton John Mellencamp Lo
  • The Googles
  • The Bings
  • The Gouts
  • The Tinkles
  • The Sprinkles
  • My Chemical Weapon Romance
  • Aerosmith and Wesson
  • Dad’s Gotta Learn How to Cook
  • Sweet Jesus There’s a Goat In Our Attic and the Machine
  • Stern Looks and Jaded Mustaches
  • Oh Shit and the Not Agains
  • Yes That’s Blood on My Resume
  • The Insane Rodeo Clown Posse
  • 3000 Icicles
  • We Tried All the Jewish Holidays
  • Waiter Why Are You Crying Into My Aioli?
  • Clifford The Big Red God
  • Youra Angelo

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