‘Jane Bearye’ (Movie Review)


‘JANE BEARYE!’ was amazing. It’s the story of a resilient, orphaned cub who has to make it on her own in this Bear-Eat-Bear world. Jane Bearye is a young cub when she mauls the shit out of another cub and is exiled to Evil Bear Academy where no one one eats honey and instead of picnic baskets and fun hats there are regular beatings and weird hats (no fun!).
Jane escapes and hibernates in weird, dark places with strange cubs. Friends? Foes? I can’t say.Bearious things happen.

Love. Romance. Lavender Candles. Great lighting. Really weird facial hair even for period Bearpieces such as this.

Jane is looking for the same thing we’re all looking for: True. Bear. Love.

Not the kind of ‘love’ the bottom of a bottle of booze or from the pure adrenaline rush of boosting a public transit unit on nitrous oxide.

No…. True. Bear. Love.

Fresh mackerel. Well-groomed fur. No claws to the face.

I won’t give away the ending suffice to say there may or may not be one but there probably is and if so it’s great.

All in all, I highly recommend ‘JANE BEARYE!’ Hang your cooler from a tree and see it at a theater near you with some friends!!!

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